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Lisette and Ryan Cheresson started Flyover Pictures on the road. Over the course of 15 months in 2012 and 2013, we produced, directed, shot, and edited 12 short documentaries in eight different countries. Challenges we faced in the early days were specific to our humble beginnings—lack of electricity, impossibly slow Wifi, and a vagabond’s budget for production costs. We learned more making those early films than we ever did at New York University.

Our initial vision was driven by a personal desire to understand global agricultural methods and an interest in indigenous communities. This gave way to Farm Trekkers, the first reoccurring series we produced. We’ve since worked with organizations such as About Harvest and Story Hunter, both media curation companies, and have created work-for-hire videos in New York. In April 2013 five of our films were selected to participate in the Green Unplugged online film festival.

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Off-grid & generator-powered, Middlegate NV is threatened by rising diesel costs—an omen of America's fuel-dependent future. 

Middlegate Station, Nevada is an old Pony Express roadhouse that provides essential food, gas, and lodging to ranchers, miners, military, travelers, and truckers along the “Loneliest Road in America.” Off the municipal electric grid and powered 24/7 by a diesel generator, Middlegate's future is in doubt after years of rising fuel costs. 

Finding renewable sources of energy, curbing pollution caused by fuel emissions, and reducing our dependency on oil are the seminal challenges of our time. Funding for such measures, especially in rural, off-grid areas that need them most, is limited at best. By following Middlegate’s journey, The Last Roadhouse asks questions we all will have to answer about the cost of clean energy and how to implement it as 21st century necessity.